Content Manager

Gurgaon, Haryana, India · Marketing


SD Squared (previously known as SD2Labs) provides peace-of-mind-outsourcing through our brands; for development, and for cloud billing and managed services. The centerfold of our strategy is to use artificial intelligence, ridiculous brain power & deeply vested partnership for bringing ideas to life. With over 400 Clients worldwide; over 1 billion views of properties we’ve built and more than 50m engaged users we are starting the next outsourcing revolution; one ecstatic customer as a time. The group portfolio also includes other exciting ventures such as the mobile-getting application Shoto and Shoto is freely downloadable from the application stores on Android and iOS and is a great way of getting photos you did not click. Healthhunt is a must-visit library for everything health and wellness.


Job Specs - In the first 6 months you will be responsible for:

Framework Creation: Understanding the state of play, and creating 6-month content plan and calendar for all three brands along with our outsourced PR Company.

- A well thought our process for learning and adaptation.

- A carefully crafted multi brand process for both strategically connected and unconnected companies/products.

Content Calendar: Create a strong calendar of content, ensure we have a steady state of relevant content across product, technology and HR such that our blog comes to life. Have a strong emphasis on dissemination of content including short version, 160 char version and even video for better stronger topics.

- Solid and Consistent Content that covers length and breadth of businesses.

- Work with PR to ensure we have a consistent PR + PESO Strategy.

Publish & Create: Get into action mode to generate content across blog, video and social media. Also work with our marketing and sales team for any content they need on demand and build a team around you of younger folk who can carry the same tone of voice.

Social: Operate all founder and Company Social Media Channels and hire someone to work alongside to operate them keeping a consistent yet unique tone of voice across the brands and the personalities. Fortify content strategy with strong and compelling content for paid, earned, shared, and owned media, which you will be driving.

SEO Optimization: We are looking at content that’s loved by both the bots and the humans. Therefore, you will work on optimizing the content of our digital assets for mad love of search engines and human eyes.

Measuring Success: Demonstrating value at the end of 6-months based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as number of blog posts and articles, Web Traffic and stickiness, Social Media Conversations, Content Quality, and Downloads.

- Regular Dashboard showing success and progress.

- Experiments to be reported with success and failure.


In this role, you will plan, create, and edit existing and original content ranging from technical papers to case studies to sales-enablement collaterals with the goal of bolstering the visibility, thought leadership, and revenue of SD Squared.

The Content Manager will also work collaboratively with the management team to produce high-quality content that can be used at various industry forums and events. The ideal candidate will have great understanding of the online media and various digital channels and is able to visualize and create engaging content in various forms that can support the rapid business growth.

The content manager should be able to translate technical and management ideas into engaging content and stories for different target audiences. This position offers an exciting opportunity to join a high-growth company that leverages artificial intelligence and automation to solve complex problems in technology development and cloud enablement.


Our culture is a cross between serious business and quirky startup; as we’ve grown from $0.5m to $13m in less than 4 years.

We want team players, who roll up their sleeves, are open to being challenged and also understand the importance of respect, integrity and can that balance that with irreverence, cheekiness and a brand that aspires to do away with the taboo of being a “boring” software company.

Most importantly, any role in SD Squared is like joining our family. You will be joining the marketing team that reports to the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Executive Officer. In this high-visibility role, you will work with cross-functional teams and departments to assist in the organic growth of the company. You will be an important catalyst in our brand building process and custodian of the company’s perception and reputation.



Great work environment

Opportunity to learn

World Class team

Competitive compensation and good perks

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