Head of Global Builder Delivery (Project Management)

Playa Vista, California, United States · Delivery


We are looking for a versatile & out of box innovator who will be at the forefront of cutting AI technology that is disrupting a combined $800 billion (and growing) industry for software build and operate services, selling into both the B2C and B2B markets. The Head - Builder Delivery will lead the human team at Engineer.ai that will take a project from Design to Delivery. This team has a combination of customer product expert and customer technical experts. These experts play the role of the product & technical advisor to the customer.

Why We Need This Role

The Head of Builder Delivery will lead the team of Humans in Engineer.ai’s unique “Human assisted” AI platform. This role will convert a sales order into recognised revenue by implementing projects with high quality development ahead of committed time. This will kick in a virtuous cycle of high customer NPS and thus repeat / referral business from existing customers and upsell of marketplace services for existing projects. This team will thus be the de-facto “account management” team for existing customers.

Why You Should Join

This role will give you a unique opportunity of leading a large global team that will drive customer engagement and delivery thru a platform of more than 100,000 creators (developers, designers, etc) that work in over 200 capacity partners across the Globe (Europe, Africa, Asia & Americas). You will play a driving role in building and implementing a programmatic approach to building bespoke software development in a productized manner leveraging a global platform of creators. This role will offer you an opportunity to enhance your skills sets from “delivery” only role to an empowered role of “account management” that will drive delivery, conversion, upsell and repeat / referral business.

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