About Engineer.ai - Everyone's Engineering Team

Our Mission is to be the way everyone builds & operates new technology; empowering them to achieve more by doing less.

We are doing to Outsourcing what Henry Ford did to Car Manufacturing; streamline, automate and reduce end customer cost. We’re the World’s First Human-Assisted AI Engineering Team that builds & operates technology projects: from a new app to managing your cloud spend. AI automates everything possible and a deep-network of human teams takes care of everything else.


Every good engineering team does two things: build and operate. Our Human-Assisted AI Engineering teams are no different.

We use Artificial Intelligence to automate everything possible and a deep-network of vendors for everything else. We’re doing away with the old school method of pricing on time & material. We understand that things change and pivots happen - that’s why we only charge for successful product delivery.


Many Companies say; very few do it - we live it. Our team is our family; between San Francisco, New York, London and Delhi. From shared experiences to a deep sense of care, we operate as a family unit and look forward to welcoming more people join it. At the centre of our value system is HEARTT: Heart, Entrepreneurial, Accountable, Respectful, Trustworthy, Transparent.


The founders behind Engineer.ai (previously SD Squared) are the same duo that created one of the first cloud computing businesses and in fact the World’s first hosted desktop service; they are technology pioneers as recognized by the World Economic Forum.

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